The storyof Moodyography

About Me
  • About Me

  • I always imagined my wedding would be a life-changing event, but I never imagined it would change my career as well. And I never imagined the impact our photographer would have on the overall experience of our wedding day. Looking back on it now, it makes perfect sense. The photographer is the one person who is going to be right by your side from the moment you arrive at your venue to the moment you leave. Now of course we wanted amazing photographs, but it wasn't until our wedding arrived that we realized we just wanted to be surrounded by incredible people on this special day. And our photographer was no exception. Fortunately, he was friendly and outgoing, and had a wealth of experience in all wedding matters. He was able to step in and help me when I didn't know how to tie a half-windsor, and he even knew that dimming the lights around the sides of the venue would drive our guests to the dance floor. He must've stepped in to help at just the right moment at least a hundred times.

    Today, I'm grateful to be close friends with my wedding photographer, because he had such a huge impact on our wedding, and he helped me discover a career I truly love.

My Mission
  • My Mission

  • A great photographer spends more time in front of the camera than behind it, tending to the little details that can ruin a perfect photo, or worse, prevent you from enjoying your wedding day. A great photographer knows how to tie a perfect bowtie, and the proper way to pin a boutonni√®re. And a great photographer knows to dry the bouquet's stems when removing it from the vase, because no bride should have water dripping down her dress as she walks down the aisle.

    A thousand unexpected surprises can pop up on your wedding day. But when a photographer steps in front of the lens to catch these little details, your day is sure to flow with a lot less stress. And nothing makes your photos look better than when you're enjoying your wedding to the fullest.

My Advice
  • My Advice

    • Surround yourself with the people you want to be with most on your wedding day - including your vendors. You'll remember their personalities and personal contributions just as much as their services.
    • Meet with your photographer in person before signing a contract. You'll be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day, so make sure you click with them.
    • Ask your officiant if they have any photography restrictions. If your ceremony is in a church, your photographer may not be allowed to photograph during parts of the ceremony or from certain areas around the sanctuary.